Jentekveld har fire kategorier, som har hver sin farge på kortene. Man trekker kort på tur etter klokken. Den som trakk kort sist bestemmer hvilken kategori nestemann må trekke.

Here are the rules for the various categories.

Contains 5 claims.All players hold up five fingers, and for each claim they have made, they take one finger down.Whoever has the fewest answers when all the statements have been read out wins.The others must drink the equivalent sips as the number of fingers they are away from the winner.

Whoever draws the card is put to the test.You are given a topic and have 30 seconds to say, for example, 7 things that belong to the topic.If you manage the correct number within the time, you don't have to drink.For every thing you fail to say within the time limit, you must drink one sip!

Gives the player who drew the card a challenge you must perform, or the choice to drink.It can be anything from going through the middle of nowhere to calling your parents and telling them you're pregnant.The choice is yours, but completing the challenge will always be the most fun!

Contains a proposition, the player who drew the card must throw the accompanying ball until that proposition fits best.Whoever receives the ball must drink.